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How to become a LX Crafts Co Partner:

There are millions of people worldwide that use their skills and creativity to make products with high artistic quality. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those people sell the products that are the result of that same vision and creativity. One of the objectives of LX Crafts Co is to support local artisans and artists and enable them to have various platforms where they can sell their products.

By partnering up with LX Crafts Co, you will be able to sell your products through our online and offline distribution channels, reaching thousands of potential buyers worldwide and without having to worry about all of the work and logistics behind having your products available online and in a shop.

The contractual and sale process is very simple: after agreement with LX Crafts Co regarding which products you would like to be sold, there will be a 30 day renewal contract where all of the terms of the sale of each individual product will be registered.

The products have to be delivered in Lisbon at the LX Crafts Co premises, that will keep them in display during the contract duration. If for some reason the product is not sold (and no renewal is made on the sale contract), it will be the Partner’s obligation to pick their products up at LX Crafts Co premises. If the product is sold, then all of the sale process and dispatch to the Customer will be managed directly by LX Crafts Co, who will in turn inform the Partner about the amount to be settled and paid out to him/her.

If you would like additional information, feel free to email us at: lxcraftsco@outlook.com or visit our shop and we're more than happy to meet with you and explain the process details.