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Yes... Having kids AND a clean house is possible!!

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How many times a week have you caught yourself yelling out: "Clean your room!"?? Bring together thousands of parents and you'll easily find out that their biggest problem about their child's bedroom or playroom is that they'll say “It looks like a tornado hit it.

Believe it or not, you are doing your child a huge favor by teaching them organizational skills right at an early age as these habits will most likely stick around as they get older.


It doesn't matter your child's age, the secret behind having (and maintaining) your child's bedroom well-organized is making sure you provide them with plenty of storage areas around their room.

The solutions must fit the child so we suggest that you first take a "child's eye view" and get down on your hands & knees, to your child's eye level, and look at your child's space from his or her vantage point. Most kids will just leave their belongings on the floor or shove them out of site and the view may actually come as a surprise to you!

There are some items that you can acquire for your kid's room that will easily become quick fixes to these parents' everyday problemas, such as:

Toy Boxes and Shelves

If you want those toys put away, one go to solution is purchasing a large (or several) toy chests to make it easy for your child to store away his or her toys after they're finished playing with them. Shelving is also a great solution, whether it’s a bookcase, an open-backed shelving unit or shelves mounted on the wall.

Another great solution for keeping all the clutter out of sight is installing curtains or drapes in front of the shelving area so you can keep all those toys neatly organized but out of sight!

Under bed Storage

The forever forgotten space and that's easy access for your kids! Place one or two large plastic under bed storage boxes - they're great for storing away all of the clutter. We suggest using the clear plastic bins so that it's easier for your child to find what he or she is looking for without having to empty the boxes content all across the floor.


Every bedroom needs a dresser and you can start at a very early age teaching your kids to put his or her clothes away neatly into their dresser as soon as they're old enough to understand your request. For younger children, one helpful way of making this an easy task is by using pictures to label each drawer with its contents:underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. 

Closet / Door Organizer

Another simple way to keep all those little toys stored together is by using closet organizers or a hanging shoe / pocket organizer:

Also, take 10 minutes away every Sunday evening to organize your child's weekly outfits and save yourself some stress in the morning:

And to all of our little artists out there, instead of having their artwork lying all over the house, how about creating a functional little space for them to showcase their masterpieces?

Make sure to check out some of our children's room decor best-sellers too!

We hope you enjoy these great time and stress saving solutions for your everyday battle in keeping your children's bedroom or toy room organized!

All photos via Pinterest.


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