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This Year’s Interior Design Trends That Are Meant to Last

Trends come and go, but the truth is, some trends are more enduring than others – especially when it comes to interior design. After all, there’s no reason to redo your entire home based on what’s trendy every year, but it does help to be aware of what’s going on to find new ways to spruce up your home. This way, as we pointed out in our article ‘Decorating Dos and Don’ts’ your home is a reflection of who You are and what You love, and not just another passing Pinterest image.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home in a style that is both current and timeless then LX Crafts Co is certainly the place to be, so without further ado here’s our list of 2018 interior design trends that can guide you for years to come.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Image credit: Country Living Magazine

One of the biggest interior design trends this year is taking a cue from Mother Nature by using natural materials and nature-inspired palettes. This is because nature has a calming effect that can make your home feel welcoming and peaceful, while also bringing energy into your space.

Image credit: Ideal Home Magazine

Nature-inspired décor pieces are great on their own, but can also be juxtaposed with more modern, man-made elements. If you look at our furniture it’s worth considering experimenting with wood, cotton, leather, or fabrics to get the look you like. Don’t forget to let in lots of natural light and bring in some plants to breathe life into your rooms.

Tone on Tone

Image credit: The Spruce

Color trends change each year. Pantone releases colors and palettes of the year, while tastemakers across the globe never run out of new hues to recommend for your home. This year, ultra violet is reigning supreme, but its sister trend, a jewel tone color palette, can teach a thing or two about lasting color trends.

Image credit: House Beautiful Magazine

In addition, House Beautiful recommends limiting your palette to a single hue in different tones. TV star and interior designer Joanna Gaines explains, “When trim work and walls are the same color it feels more interesting.”

Mixing it up

Image credit: The Huffington Post

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to mix things up in terms of materials, feel, or even cultural inspiration. For instance, traditionally harsh, wood-and-steel industrial home décor recently got a more whimsical update with smooth curves, pale palettes, and interesting angles, according to Huffington Post’s article ‘Top 5 Home Décor Trends for Spring 2018.

Image credit: Freshome

Moreover, you can also take inspiration from BHG's worldly patterns, unique materials, and exotic palettes that let you soak in the globe every time you enter the house. With the world more connected than ever, designers are drawing inspiration from as far back as ancient civilizations, which in turn have also influenced different trends throughout the centuries.

This is evident in everything from Greek-inspired neoclassicism to Egyptian-themed Art Deco, along with their interpretations on modern digital formats. Today's interior design apps incorporate elements from ancient designs, and movies as well as games featuring similar themes. For instance, Slingo builds on pop culture's long history of invoking enigmatic hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt in its Crown of Egypt slot game, while films like Gerard Butler's Gods of Egypt also showcase their legendary deities. It's easy to see why modern media and pop culture continue to draw from the cultural depth of societies from thousands of years ago. In much the same way, iconic imagery and motifs from antiquity continue today in interior design and a plethora of fields and industries.

To get the look, don’t be afraid to mix local art with pieces you got while traveling, or remind you of places you want to visit. Pay attention to earthy shades of terracotta and ochre with tropical or exotic prints that have a natural, tactile feel to them.

What are your favorite enduring design trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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