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Self-gifting: One For You, Two For Me!

***Ho, Ho, Ho!! Christmas Sale Starts This Week! Don't Miss Out!***

With Christmas just around the corner, we've started to feel the joyful hustle & bustle of people looking for the best gifts for their friends and loved ones. Everyone is looking for that "special" item for that "special" someone.

We tend to think that the holiday season is purely the season of Giving - however, curiously, although many people are indeed out looking for gifts, half of the products that went out our doors were from people buying for themselves as well this holiday season. From lovely Cotton flower scented candles, to bright light decorations, to eye-catching artwork...many said "I'm treating myself too" or "This was just what I was looking for..."

So...have we all become more selfish? Is temptation too strong when we're out buying for other people? Or are we just more savvy about taking advantage of those Christmas sales as an opportunity to fill our own baskets too? Have the recent shifts in economy made us lean more towards waiting for those discounts to buy those items that we want to actually be on sale?

The "self-gifting" trend, which has been increasing in popularity over the years, will reach all-time highs this year. So, according to an article published in TIME magazine, what are the main reasons leading up to this trend?

  1. We know the sales are coming. Over the years, consumers have grown used to spectacular discounting through the holiday season. As more shoppers anxiously anticipate holiday season discounts, they have more reason to delay purchases for themselves they would have otherwise made earlier. 
  2. Shops are full of self-gift items. Not all of those items on display are good holiday gifts to buy for others, but...they're on sale and shoppers end up getting something for themselves as well.
  3. Everybody's doing it. In an increasingly "me-centric" society and with big stores' marketing messages such as "reward yourself", "you deserve it" and "you're special", self-gifting has become much more acceptable and common, especially among millennials.
  4. A penny saved is a penny you can spend on yourself. Today's consumers feel as if all of the savings made in buying those discount goods need to be used and who better to use them on than themselves (?) and end up spending that "easy made money" quickly.
  5. We're mentally vulnerable. Let's face it - Christmas shopping is tiring and drains us both physically and mentally! Why not treat ourselves in the process?

Should we condone this self-gifting behavior as many have in the past? Absolutely not!! Why shouldn't we embrace all the sales and discounts of the holiday season for ourselves as well? We've been saving up to properly decorate our homes - why not wait for those awesome sales to get those magnificent pieces we've always wanted? If we see an exquisite item while shopping for others, why shouldn't we take it?

We've all heard "it's better to give than to receive" -- but is it always?

LX Crafts Co wishes you Happy Holidays!

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