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Outdoor Living -- YES Please!

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Spring is just around the corner and we're all anxiously waiting to get outside for those beautiful warm afternoons, the calming spring breeze and, of course, the excellent scent of blooming flowers! The smell of fresh air and contact with nature helps bust stress and increases happiness.

Unfortunately though, many of us also live in city apartments, without a backyard or personal outdoor space. However, many are also fortunate enough to at least have a balcony or a small terrace to get some fresh oxygen from time to time and get the much needed energy boost.

Considering most of us spend a good portion of our time indoors and the fact that outdoor living is important to us in general, we put together some of our favorite shots of terraces and balconies (open or closed off) to give our readers some inspirational ideas:

1. Closed off balcony? Open up the windows on those warm spring days, add some greenery and sit back and relax.

2. Add some candles and fairy lights to give yourself a calm and relaxing evening outdoors on those cool spring and summer nights.

3. If you have the space for it, go out and buy some patio furniture to get the comfort you need to properly enjoy your small outdoor space.

4. Is your space too small for actual patio furniture? Then why not opt for some comfortable pillows, poufs or even mattresses? Throw in a few plants and a small table and you've got yourself an excellent chill out corner or a comfy reading nook!

5. You may not have room for a small sofa, but what about a small table and chairs for those morning coffee's or evening drink's outdoors?

6. If not, nothing better than a hammock or a hanging chair. It doesn't take up as much room and can provide you with a relaxation corner after a long day at work.

7. Many terrace or balcony floors are just plain old cement. Invest in some flooring (wood plaques or panels are pretty low maintenance) and lay out some area rugs to bring an extra level of comfort!

8. Make your balcony an extension of your home and living space by putting in huge sliding doors and windows that you can open up all the way and let in the sunlight!

We truly hope you enjoyed these photos and maybe even got some inspiration for your own home! 

If you have any creative ideas, feel free to share them with us! We love to see everyone's creativity at work.

- LX Crafts Co 

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