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Nature-Inspired Decor - Bring the Outside In!

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Give your living space a big breath of fresh air by decorating using simple, natural materials and nature-inspired colors. From the forests to the garden to the beach, there are so many ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your home decor. 

One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and natural elements that are living or decor that was living such as wood, cotton, leather and sea grass to name a few. It has a calming effect and for generations humans have loved the natural and organic appeal that can make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space.

So as our lives become more and more hectic and dependent on technology, our inherent need to reconnect with nature and return to a more simple lifestyle will be (and already is) reflected in design and in the styles of our houses.

Organic materials and traditional handcrafted products are continuing to gain power. More and more there is a strong focus in design centered on our well-being and that ends up influencing everything in decor, from our choices regarding construction materials to the decorative accents in our homes.



With the mind-set of "quality over quantity", original, handmade products are increasing in popularity and, due to this, so are ceramic handmade pieces. More and more people search for unique decorative elements for their homes and, by doing so, are able to incomparably personalize their home. 


Wooden Accents

We also highlight other types of decorative accessories made of wood, such as vases, photo frames, among others, to accomplish this look. Wood as a finish has the ability to transform your mind and soul. Available in a variety of finishes, species and applications, its by far one of the easiest and warmest of the natural materials . 


Add the Greenery

One of the most simple ways to add a touch of Mother Nature into your home is by using leafy arrangements, intriguing succulents, lush ferns and beautiful bouquets of flower decor. You can choose to bring in fresh vibes with big plants or maybe create an indoor garden and definitely create that outdoors-in vibe.

Decorative terrariums instantly bring a touch of outdoors into your home and an ensemble of small houseplants adds the perfect amount of natural character to any space.


Natural Style Furniture

Modern rustic substitutes the smooth finishes we've been seeing in the recent years - rough edges and reclaimed wood pieces are in (ex: pallet furniture). Warm wood tones and beautiful wood grain is a natural fit in this earth decor.

Earthy fabrics & textiles

Look to furniture and decorative pieces that use natural materials. Think rattan trunks, bamboo headboards, a basket weave rug and wicker basket weave pieces, as well as decorative pieces made with macramé or rope

When designing your "earthy" surroundings, remember that natural stains and dark wood provide the perfect foundation against natural fiber fabrics when selecting furniture or accessories.

Using natural materials with contrasting textures creates interest. Bringing in natural textures is an easy and fun way to explore a plethora of options when accessorizing your space for a natural setting. Rugs, pillows and throws all have a way of tying a space together so try and pick elements that inspire you.

Tip: Decorate in a palette that's all earthy, water and sky tones.

Channel the ocean

Not into the rustic reclaimed wood look? Nature's coastal vibe can de brought inside too. You can always opt for a coastal, beachy vibe with the usage of large decorative shells or coral motifs. Arrange groups of shells, driftwood or sea glass in baskets, wood trays or platters. 


Incorporate simple, natural pieces into your decor

We used to be limited to flower arrangements and maybe a shell collection or two but now small bits of nature infused into our homes are in! Creating the feel with a simple natural object can make the perfect nature inspired display (for example, a twisted branch).

Driftwood pieces look especially modern when surrounded by a modern space. A great option if you love both land and sea!

Even in completely modern spaces, a touch of nature can introduce a certain softness and balance to sleek surfaces and angular corners. 

Nature offers almost endless inspiration for home decorating. From creative ideas for sea glass to fancied-up pressed flowers, decorating with nature-inspired, organic elements is a great way to wake up tired rooms without spending lots of cash.

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*All photos from Pinterest

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