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Most Common Decorating Do's and Don'ts

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Many of us can’t opt for hiring Interior Decorators or Designers to decorate our own home so many times we choose to just do the decorating ourselves. Whether it’s a matter of cost, the fun of doing it ourselves or just because we don’t have the time to actually go out and hire a professional, we’ve all done it before and many of us have definitely made some mistakes in the process!

Today we’ll be sharing some of the most common mistakes and helpful tips when decorating a space. Hope it helps!


1. Check those measurements!!

Make sure you take into account all measurements when purchasing new items for your home, especially when it comes to larger furniture pieces!

You should consider not only the size of the area you want to put the piece in, but also the passage ways where the piece will have to go through (doors, hallways, stairs, curves, etc).


2. Circulation

Your furniture should have a proportional size to the space available,otherwise the area will become uncomfortable, not very functional and aesthetically unpleasant. In order to do so, our first suggestion is to make sure that you don't need to move furniture or anything around just to get by. Maintain about 60 cm (24 in.) between furniture to ensure passage ways

Also keep in mind that too many pieces of furniture not only make your space dysfunctional, but also create unnecessary "visual noise", giving the space a heavy, unorganized look.


3. “Less is More”

We've already mentioned how a heavy visual impact can make a space feel uncomfortable but this applies not only to furniture, but also to decorative pieces and ornaments too as they can cause visual distraction and just look messy. One tip if you have lots of little ornaments and accents is to set them together into little groups of 3, 5 or 7, for example.


4. Hanging Artwork & Frames

One of the biggest mistakes in decor is how high to hang those frames (or mirrors). The idea is to hang frames as if they were in an art gallery - not too high (very common mistake) but not too low: ideally about 1,50m (approximately 60 in) from the floor.

These pieces should also be placed on a wall that isn't seen way too often in order to avoid visual fatigue from being stared at all the time.

We also suggest avoiding the wall where your TV set is, but rather use the lateral walls or the wall behind the sofa if in the living area for example.

5. Colors

Using Dark Colors

Although we've been seeing a trend towards darker, moodier interiors more recently, our suggestion is to avoid excessive dark colors like dark grey and black, as it will make your space feel dark and depressive.

If you want to infuse these darker colors into your home, we suggest using light colors and the darker colors to create contrast through decorative pieces, like frames, ornaments, pillows or rugs.

Using Vibrant Colors

Excess use of very bright colors, such as red, orange or yellow,  can provoke irritability and anxiety.

Like with dark colors, our suggestion is to bring those colors into your home with smaller decorative pieces, like pillows, chairs, or even small decorative tiling in a bathroom or kitchen.


6. Accent Walls

If you're looking to add texture or some darker or vibrant color to your home, we've seen that perhaps painting a whole room in that specific color may be overwhelming, so our suggestion is to opt for an accent wall.

Opt for a wall that isn’t too visualized and avoid the wall behind the TV. A lateral / side wall or the wall behind the sofa is a safer option.

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- The Team at LX Crafts Co

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