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Greenery - Bringing the Outside In?

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We all know that the color trend for this year was established by Pantone with its color "Greenery." It's "natury", jungle-like vibe has been infusing itself into all home-decor sites and photos (we recommend checking out some pages on Instagram where this look prevails like @thejungalow , @urbanjungleblog or @bohoside).

However, adapting your home decor for every new decor trend that comes out every year isn't always easy and typically comes with a considerable cost (!) 

Bringing a touch of nature to your living spaces will provide a contemporary design statement to any room. One easy way of doing this is "bringing the outside in". What does this mean exactly?  Basically bringing wonderful indoor plants into your home. Many people live in apartments without garden or balcony spaces so having indoor plants or greenery seems like the best solution.


Not only can indoor plants bring visual interest and provide a sense of movement and texture but the color green is also associated to the color of growth, the color of spring and of renewal, being the reason why green is associated to positive psychology, balance and restoring energy levels. Did you know that having plenty of green plants can help reduce stress, increase well-being, purify the air and increase oxygen levels (check out this link and see the best plants to purify your indoor air)?


If your not a big plant fan, there are other alternative ways to bring the nature feel into your home, such as:


Pillow cases - a simple and typically cost effective solution to style up any home.

Credit: Kare-design.com; style-files.com; society6.com


Framed art / prints - purchasing prints allows you to get the "look and feel" for the season, but also change the prints in their frames when new trends come around.
Credit: bhg.com; seaofatlas.com; livingpattern.netactiverain.com


Throw blankets - Just like pillows, its an "easy fix" to get into the season's trends without having to make a huge, long-term investment.

Credit: society6.com; decoholic.org


Wallpaper - although it's not as cost effective as the previous three, having one single wall with beautiful wall paper for example enables you to get the look you're looking for and also even DIY it!

Credit: etsyblogoftheday.com; patternspy.com; mydomaine.com; wallanddeco.com


Rugs - This is a great solution as they are usually large pieces that can define the whole look and decor of a specific room.

Credit: society6.com; apartmenttherapy.com; idealhome.co.uk


Chairs / Sofas - although sofas are usually more pricey, chairs are typically more accessible and liven up any room and set the mood, depending on their color.

Credit: papernstitchblog.com; decor8blog.com; 3adesignstudio.com; mytwodesignersblog.com; seaofatlas.com


These are just some basic examples of how you can get the "Greenery" feel into your home. 

Show us your creative alternatives in bringing a touch of green to your home.

- LX Crafts Co


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