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Fun Facts We've Learned So Far...!

Here we are, three weeks into our opening and it has been great so far! We've been fortunate to meet a lot of great people: from our wonderful neighbors to many travelers who are staying at nearby hotels, from Erasmus students living nearby to your everyday passerby. It's been great to help them pick out either some Xmas gifts for friends and family or home decor pieces for themselves as well.

We've also been given the opportunity to learn a lot from them too!

  • Did you know that cork is making a huge comeback in 2017?
  • We found out that one of our collections on sale at the shop (the Halmstad Collection) is actually a town in Sweden!
  • We were also introduced to artwork from Maurits Cornelis Escher!

It's been an awesome learning experience so THANKS to all of our great customers!

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