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Don’t be afraid of the dark… Rethink your white walls!

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We all know that nothing renovates a room faster and more drastically than paint and you’ve most likely noticed that dark colors carry the most drama to any room. Additionally, darker colors automatically make a room feel more intimate and cozy.

Having said this, it’s no secret that color plays an extremely important role in interior design in the sense that a room’s entire mood can be heightened or ruined by one simple decision: color. The wrong decision can hide fascinating design elements, turn a lovely space into an uninteresting space or just straight out throw everything out of balance. But when the color is just right, everything comes into focus. Art stands out, flowers pop, interesting architectural details are highlighted and drama is elegantly created.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s something fundamentally cozy and comforting about dark colors, which is why many interior designers defend that they’re the perfect shades for any home. A deep color on walls sets the mood for a perfect get-together area for an evening with friends or having a few drinks with great conversations. They can also provide the sense of calm and tranquility to a bedroom after a long day of work. Whichever the case may be, although deep shades may seem intimidating, they’re actually somewhat easy to incorporate into almost any decor.

When in doubt, experiment in smaller doses on an accent wall, for example, and make that wall stand out as the focal point in the room.

You can also use wall color to create an art gallery, where the wall color acts as a picture-perfect backdrop for white design elements, such as frames or shelves.

Dark colors are also used as a neutral. For example, the same way that jeans go with everything, blue can be a great decorating neutral, blending well with accessories in a wide variety of colors.

Dark colors, such as navy, dark chocolate, black or charcoal grey are at times colors we tend to move away from because we’re not sure exactly how to use them appropriately - but take the risk as the finished product is gorgeous!

Hope you like these examples of usage of dark paint and decor colors for your own inspiration. Check out our video here that compiles several examples of dark colored decor:

And remember… Don’t be afraid to go DARK & DRAMATIC.

These shots are not ours and all credit has been provided on our IG account (@lxcraftsco) so check them out and make sure to follow these talented folks! 


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