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Attention interior designers! Trend Alert: green marble

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Interior designers have been keeping an eye on marble for quite a while now. But some have redirected their attention to one type of marble: green marble, which will automatically bring some charm to any room you’re decorating.

Interior design and colorful marble

White marble has long been a staple in interior design. It is a common stone for sculptures, the material of Taj Mahal’s facade and, for your everyday home, a good option for pavements and bathrooms. Other types of “exotic” marble have occasionally popped up on the radar of interior designers - notably pink marble in the 80's and the 90's.

As with other types of marble, pink marble differs greatly depending on where it's been extracted from. More sparsely distributed stripes of pink have typically helped interior designers achieve a “feminine” look, but stones with a stronger intensity of color can often look heavy or even outdated. So interior design lovers have slowly turned their heads to the next great thing: green marble.

What is so spectacular about green marble?

Green marble has an ethereal look, as if it can emulate nature. Most interior designers choose to combine it with light colors, such as white or light gray, as seen on the examples down below. If you’re looking for an extra layer of luxury, gold or gold-pleated furniture will play along quite nicely with green marble, without compromising your classic look.

Finally, for those interested in interior designing in Lisbon, the most famous green marble you can find in Portugal is Viana Green Marble, which is extracted in Viana do Alentejo. Viana Marble has a light shade of green, so it almost reminds us of the seabed. Here are some of the inspirations we found…

- Green marble tiles, in different shades of green, might give an unparalleled texture to your bathroom.


- Green marble can add a nice extra touch of color and be sophisticated at the same time.


- Viana Green Marble, from Alentejo, looks like it comes from somewhere between the Earth and the Sea, so it’s a good option for those interested in interior designing in Portugal.


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