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Greenery Inspired DIY Project

budget friendly cost-effective diy green greenery plants prints wallpaper

At LX Crafts Co, we're firm believers that many of us have the creativity and necessary skills to update and refurnish our homes with personal and family projects and... on a budget. Following our previous post focused on "Greenery" budget-friendly ideas, we had some feedback from one of our Customers, showcasing a project she and her family undertook more recently.

This is the story of their awesome greenery inspired DIY project:

"My husband and I have been re-decorating some of the rooms in our home recently. We have been trying to reuse some of the pieces we already had available at home as much as possible by transforming them and re-purposing them and, like this, providing some of those areas a renovated look, while making cost-effective choices in the process.


We started with our dressing room: the white walls and dressers gave the room a cold, "hospital-like" feel. We were able to bring in a fresh, nature-inspired look to the room with a beautiful wallpaper design. We bought three wallpaper rolls at Leroy Merlin, about €25 each, with an excellent green jungle print.


It took us approximately 1 day and a half to put the wallpaper up, as we had to be very careful in leaving the borders completely aligned as well as making sure that the design in itself was sequential between rolls. I can say that patience was key in this part of the project!


We're all hat lovers at our house and we needed a solution to keeping them organized, straight and easily accessible. We searched for various types of hooks but not all of them worked for each different type of hat.


We ended up opting for spoons screwed into the wall, which end up working perfectly for any type of hat and it looked great! The advantage here is that the spoons can also be easily bent and adapt to any type of hat. We spent about €5 in spoons and screws and, aside from looking extremely original and creative, the hats "came to life" on the beautiful wallpaper.



Underneath the hat hooks we built a bench that aside from being a good storage idea, we can also use it when putting our shoes on, for example.



We re-purposed some white Ikea kitchen cabinets we had in our attic and that were no longer of any use in our kitchen. We set two of the cabinets together with a sheet of plywood (€3) and added some wheels to them (approximately €14 for a set of 4 wheels).


The seat itself we made by gluing and stapling foam to our desired size onto the plywood and then covering it with some fabric. As for the fabric, it was at no cost for us as we reused some velvet beige curtains we no longer used!"

- Ana Rodrigues

  • Patricia Campos on

    This is an excellent, budget-friendly idea for any home! Great job!! ?

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